Planning permission was achieved to replace existing building with a new full width block of 4 floors of residential flats over a basement level containing office and storage space. Vehicular (and pedestrian) access is retained in the same location, but with block bridging over, to allow access to car and bicycle parking and for the collection of refuse.

The proposed scheme accommodates a total of 9no new flats (4 x 1-bed flats + 4 x 2-bed flats + 1 x 3-bed flat); 5no parking spaces; bicycle parking; shared amenity space.

The ground floor level has been raised so that the upper windows and roof aligns with the adjoining existing and the proposed new development at 204. This allows an entrance up to the flats via steps and ramps creating an appropriate urban relationship with the street, the existing front gardens are retained to provide light wells to the basement windows and some soft planting.

The top floor, containing 1no flat, is set back at the front and in from each end to read with the existing and proposed either side.

Access to the basement office is from the rear and from existing open area behind 208, this allows the space to be connected to an existing business in the terrace of 208 or to be used independently.

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